It’s not the 2020 Summer Workshop! It’s the

Biology and Mathematics Educators (BIOME) Institute!

Launch: July 27 – August 7
Working Groups: September 7 – November 20

Undergraduate research experiences (UREs) are an effective way to engage more students in science, increasing retention and success, and a wide range of approaches to engaging students in research experiences are possible, from paid internships to activities in lecture.  Although the delivery may be different based on the institutional environment or the student’s academic level, all UREs are designed to involve students in authentic scientific experiences that are meaningful both to them and the broader scientific community. The challenge today is constructing UREs that can be effectively used in both in person and online learning environments.  BioQUEST and QUBES are offering an online, sustained, community-based professional development experience to support faculty developing, implementing, or expanding UREs. 

Visit the BIOME website for more information.

Not able to participate in the BIOME Institute?  Join us for the Summer Workshop 2021. Watch for the dates, in Pittsburgh (again)!

See what happened at the 2019 Summer Workshop 

Evolution of Data in the Classroom: From Data to Data Science

July 14-19
College of William & Mary
Williamsburg, VA


What makes BioQUEST special?

The BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium (BQCC) is a transformative, collaborative community empowering Life Science educators to drive innovation in STEM education. We’ve been making a difference in STEM education since 1988. Read the

Achieving Scale for STEM Reform: Communities of Transformation and their work scaling STEM reform

report from the Pulias Center for Higher Education.

Are you a BioQUEST supporter?  BioQUEST is now registered with AmazonSmile, and can recieve donations based on your Amazon purchases.  Just use this link to go to AmazonSmile and select BioQUEST as your recipient charity. Thanks!


Quantitative Undergraduate Biology Education

QUBES is a community of math and biology educators who share resources and methods for preparing students to use quantitative approaches to tackle real life biological problems.

The five major QUBES initiatives include:

  • QUBES Consortium:  coordinating the efforts and resources of disparate communities invested in promoting quantitative biology education;
  • QUBES Faculty Mentoring Networks:  supporting faculty understanding and implementation of specific quantitative biology concepts and teaching approaches;
  • QUBES Hub:  increasing the visibility, utility, and adoption of existing quantitative biology materials and the capacity for peer educator interaction;
  • QUBES Metrics:  quantifying and tracking faculty contribution to quantitative biology education scholarship; and,
  • Implementation Research:  studying and disseminating the features of QUBES that increase implementation success.

BioQUEST is one of the founding institutions of the QUBES project. QUBES is funded by the NSF.


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