BioQUEST actively supports undergraduate biology education through the collaborative development of open curricula in which students pose problems, solve problems, and engage in peer review.


Count the Ways: Engaging Students in Quantitative Biology Applications

Registration is now open! 

The BioQUEST Summer 2015 Workshop will be held June 13th-20th at the Claremont Colleges in California. Join us as we use quantitative cases as a framework to explore resources for teaching basic to advanced quantitative skills. Participants will work with like-minded colleagues to develop activities for their own classrooms. This workshop is a joint meeting of BioQUEST, the HHMI Quantitative Biology Consortium and the Science Case Network.

More information, the schedule and registration are available here:

Mashing it up!  The Plasmodium Problem Space is featured on the Science Case Network as well as in our PEER 2012 Workshop at UT-Knoxville.




Images from BioQUEST Workshops and Projects