BioQUEST AP Biology Workshop: An Inquiry Approach

Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers Annual Conference

March 9, 2012 in Madison, WI          Thursday 11:00am – 2:50pm Room: M

AP Biology: A New Framework


Preparing students to be scientifically literate citizens as well introducing what it means to be a future biologist has a new framework.  The AP Biology revisions focus on a student centered inquiry approach to biology education emphasizing four major biological concepts:  evolution, energy flow, information flow, and biological systems.  The proposed shift from 13 guided labs to 8 inquiry labs will impact expectations of both teachers and students.

Join us as we explore some of these curriculum changes through examples of online resources useful for implementing the new framework in your class.  Take the opportunity to explore a new AP lab investigation with us, revise one of your favorite labs to meet new requirements, and participate in an active discussion about how the framework changes lab expectations and explorations. Ethel Stanley, co-author of the “Biological Inquiry: a workbook of investigative cases” and Kristin Jenkins, evolution education specialist with the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center are co-presenting this BioQUEST workshop.

Target Audience: High School

Cost: $10    Limit: 25



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