Ten Years After Using Data in the Classroom:

Problem Based Approaches with Data, Tools, Simulations, and Games

June 10-15, 2013

Emory University   Atlanta, GA

This summer’s workshop participants will explore problem spaces with online tools and data, then join with a diverse community of innovative educators from several national projects on June 12-14, 2013. The HHMI Quantitative Biology meeting will offer a choice of ten working sessions from introductory statistics to gaming. BioQUEST participants will then have an opportunity to develop new materials for the classroom or  to work on funding proposals using resources supporting quantitative reasoning, biological data, problem based approaches, and global STEM connections.


Workshop participants discuss data selection as they explore the development of problem spaces defined by the intersection of data, tools, and biological principles.

 Interact with HHMI projects:  Quantitative Biology, Numbers Count, PULSE; NSF projectsPULSE, C3 Cyberlearning, PKAL, Science Case Network RCN,  MathBench, and NIMBioS as well as the Emory Center for Science Education.