This is a page that we will use to collect (and hopefully organize) resources that get mentioned during the workshop. If you have suggestions of things to include here please email them to sam <>.

Sections of this collection:

Resources associated with featured worskhops

Data Literacy through Modeling

DryadLab: Ecology and Evolution Curricula Linked to Archived Research Data

These two collections are similar but packaged differently. The Dryad Digital Repository will persist as the official collection. The BIRDD resources are currently available only from the BioQUEST page.

Using Geo-referenced Animal Observations for Inquiry

 Other Resources

Ideas on projects for introducing students to data analysis. See Linda Grisham for more info.

Fathom is easy to use, especially great to remove the complexity of use a tool such as EXCEL for the math phobic student.  Check out the tutorials which teach how to use Fathom through solving basic (beginning) data analysis problems.   This tutorial could be adapted for use with EXCEL.

There are more links and information in the file: Introductory Data Analysis Projects



Geophylobuilder is an extension for ArcGIS that builds a spatiotemporal phylogeographic GIS model from a tree and a set of geographical features.


Download software

Participant Resources


“Who ya gonna call?” Participant Finder

This one’s for Rudi!

A spontaneous case authored by ES (aka Stacey), MW, KK, and MB during their SCN meeting after lunch.

Out of Thin Air…

A few moments after the meeting began, Stacey was surprised as a spool of string suddenly appeared outside the window from the upper floor of the building and rapidly fell unwinding string behind it.  Nudging Margaret, she directed her attention to the dangling string.

“Look,” Margaret exclaimed as the string was pulled taught from below and angled away from the building.

Mark and Karen turned around to look as a cell phone hanging by its strap began sliding down the string. They watched silently as the unseen team jiggled the string to keep the phone moving downwards.

Mark asked, “What do you think is going on?”

“Do you think they are students doing a lab?” Karen suggested.

“Data collection?” Stacey asked.

“Maybe they are taking pictures for an art project?” Mark offered.

“How about some ap for rate of descent?” Karen added.

“Wow, wouldn’t this make a great case for teaching instructional design?” Margaret asked.

The group looked at each other and smiled in agreement.

What’s this case about?     What do you know?      What do you need to know?

4-H Show materials

Gapminder – See Ethel for more info

Science Pipes – See Colleen for more info

NIMBioS – See Kelly for more info

EFP – See Rob

Teaching with Animations – See Justin

Virtual Cell – See Sofya

Scale of the Universe – Talk to Steve

BQ Facebook Group – See the real Stacey for more info

Resources from the Oerbital Collection – See Jenny for more info

Understanding Evolution – See Kristin for more info

Plasmodium Problem Space – See Sam for moe info or to be a reviewer.

EvolSeq – See John J. for more info.

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