Goucher College

Baltimore, MD

June 16-21, 2012

Data is at the center of doing science. As researchers we carefully plan which data we need to collect, insure that data are accurate, manage our data sets, and try to mine useful information out of what we have. If we are interested in creating learning environments that provide learners with opportunities to engage in scientific practices then data must be prominently featured in our curriculum. E-science, open data repositories, and online visualization and analysis tools have lowered the technical barriers to bringing data-rich science into our classrooms. However, we need new curricular and instructional strategies to help us use these resources effectively. Join us for a week of exploring new models and ideas for creating data centric classrooms. Learn from others who are teaching with research data and develop collaborations and materials that will change your courses.

The 2012 BioQUEST Summer Curriculum Development Workshop will bring together a diverse community of innovative biology educators to share existing projects and collaboratively develop new resources around teaching with data. This year’s workshop will feature the citizen science data and tools from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, curriculum around research data sets from the Dryad data repository at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, strategies for developing spreadsheet modeling and simulation tools, and more.