Dear BioQuest (Summer 2012) Workshop Attendees,

The workshop so far has been extremely edifying and energising: I write 
now to request your help!  As many of you will know from conversations 
with us, Jenny Koenig and I are authoring a report that compares the 
teaching approaches and curricula for Higher Education BioMath in the US 
with those found in the UK.

We would be hugely grateful if you could spare the time to complete a 
very short online survey (which is just ten questions long).  This 
survey can be found here:

Please rest assured that all responses will be examined only in 
aggregate and will be treated with absolute anonymity.  That said, if 
you would like to receive a copy of the report once it is published, 
please do enter your email address into the form (or reply to this email 

Yours very gratefully,

Nathan Pike
Dr Nathan Pike
Discipline Lead for Biological Sciences
The Higher Education Academy
Telephone (direct): + 44 7920863329
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