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High school Biology Teacher Karen Lucci (Hopewell Valley Central High School) and Education & Outreach Coordinator Kelly Sturner (NIMBioS, UT-Knoxville) band together to bring the perfect blend of ecological science and data: Birds of a Feather Sqawk Together. This activity is designed for 9th grade biology students to introduce the nature of science, ecology, and data management skills. The activity is introduced through a case followed by students exploring the eBird citizen science website for information. Then,, using data collected by students from eBird, as well as weather data collected from NOAA, students look for patterns in their data to present evidence-based claims to their classmates.



eBird Website (go to Explore Data)

Cornell’s All About Birds Bird Guide (for individual bird info, range maps, etc)

Climate Data from NOAA (go to Data & Services; then use Integrated Map Application to find weather data from your area, or use the New Jersey data we have provided)

Flemington NJ Weather Data (Data downloaded from NOAA and edited for the students, including metadata)

Bird Phenology Example (Example of what the students may do)

Daylight_hours_Pennington (Daylight hours by date in Pennington, NJ)

The_Evolution_of_a_Project[1] (Powerpoint file, Our creative design process explained along with how to do the module including objectives, case story, lesson plan)


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