A Summer 2010 Workshop Project

Hormones, Drugs, and Pregnancy


Marsha Timmerman
La Salle University

Gretchen Koch
Goucher College

Tracy Schatteman
University of Illinois, Springfield

Possible Audiences:

    College; High School Upperclassmen  

Brief Overview:

    Problem based learning approach to study of hormones, birth control and pregnancy. Incorporates analysis of female reproductive cycle, pharmacokinetics and cell signaling. Appropriate for A&P, cell biology and pharmacology courses.  

Project Materials:

    Teacher’s guide for Module (powerpoint and word documents)
    Female Reproductive Cycle ESTEEM Module
    Female Reproductive animation (http://www.healcentral.org/content/collections/McGill/MENSESANIMFINAL800x600.swf)
    Two Compartment Pharmacokinetics ESTEEM Module – Longer Timescale
    One Compartment Pharmacokinetics ESTEEM Module – Longer Timescale
    Two Compartment Pharmacokinetics ESTEEM Module – Two Weeks
    One Compartment Pharmacokinetics ESTEEM Module – Two Weeks
    Product information labels for Aygestin and Depo-provera
    Steroid hormone powerpoint (http://www.the-aps.org/education/refresher/Wierman%20talk/player.html)  

Resources and References:

    1. Aygestin® Product Insert, Duramed Pharm., Inc., Pomona, NY, July 2007
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    4. Menstrual cycle hormone animation, IAMSE http://www.healcentral.org/content/collections/McGill/MENSESANIMFINAL800x600.swf
    5. Physician Information for Depo-Provera Pharmacia & Upjohn Company, Kalamazoo, MI, Feb. 2004
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Future Directions:

    1. Elaborate and improve Hormone Module
    2. Public health applications using GapMinder & CDC Website
    3. Pharmacokinetics Modules (Documentation, Case Study, Sample Labs)
    4. Model for cell signaling mechanisms using AgentSheets