A Summer 2010 Workshop Project

Health vs. Wealth: A Gapminder Exploration
Out of Mountains of Data, What Are the Questions?


Eileen Thatcher

Don Buckley
Quinnipiac University

Connor Sexton
Truman State University

Possible Audiences:

    Freshman seminars & 1st year experiences
    Interdisciplinary courses on global health
    Project-based learning with authentic data sets

Brief Overview:

    Focus theme: Global health. Web tools: Use of Gapminder and Google Gadget 1- Motion Chart to examine regional/state/province data to make finer level inquiries contributing to national trends. Content: Examination of improvements in health & economic development in India at the state level.  

Project Materials:

    1. PowerPoint presentations
    2. Excel spreadsheets of formatted data from National Family Health Surveys, India 1992-2006
    3. Web links to key data resources
    4. PDF’s of key literature  

Future Directions:

    Family planning & population growth
    Exploration of Indian Human Development Surveys & UN databases
    Examination of Millennium Development Goals [MDG’s]