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An Exercise in Leaf Growth Modeling based on Wisconsin Fast Plants
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Gail Baker
Lane Community College

Tammy Tintjer
Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods College

Richard Rosecrance
California State University - Chico

Stephen Saupe
College of St. Benedict


Possible Audiences:

high school - college  


Brief Overview:

The project presents a model by which users can vary a series of parameters (e.g., light, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, temperature) to determine the impact on net photosynthesis, leaf growth and dry weight. If desired, the model can be tested empirically  


Project Materials:

Excel spreadsheet/computer (optional - to test model): Qubit (or other IRGA), balance  


Future Directions:

incorporation of herbivory into the model  



- bioquest_leaf_growth_model.xls
- Leaf_Model.ppt
- plant_growth_model_simple.xls
- Leaf_Modeling_ Worksheet_STUDENT.doc
- Leaf_Modeling_Worksheet_Instructor.doc