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4-H Presentation: Using Drugs 2CoPE
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Gretchen Koch
Goucher College


Possible Audiences:

College level Biology, Physiology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biochemistry  


Brief Overview:

Pharmacokinetics is the study of how drugs are absorbed in the body. This module presents a two-compartment model in which students can explore how long it takes for specific drugs to reach a steady state. The half-life of a particular medication can sometimes be found on a the inserts included with prescriptions; students can use the module to explore exactly why it takes so long for certain drugs to become effective.  


Project Materials:

ESTEEM Module (very early version)  


Resources and References:

Spitznagel, E. (Fall 1992) Two-Compartment Pharmacokinetic Models C-ODE-E. Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA. Yeargers, E.K., Shonkwiler, R.W., and Herod, J.V. (1996) An Introduction to the Mathematics of Biology. Birkhäuser.  


Future Directions:

Future versions of the module will include the ability to analyze drugs with longer half-lives, such as synthetic thyroid medications.  



- Using_Drugs_2CoPE.ppt
- two_compartment_pharmacokinetics_model_alpha_one.xls