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Anthocyanin as an Acid/Base Indicator--Activity Series
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Heath Dawley
Southeast Missouri State University

Brett Hale
Southeast Missouri State University


Possible Audiences:

Chemistry/Biology Teachers The activities are geared toward high school or college students.  


Brief Overview:

Three activites are presented based around the natural plant pigment anthocyanin as an acid/base indicator. In Activity 1 students utilize plant pigment chormatography In Activity 2 students extract anthocyanins and use them to formulate a qualitative pH scale In Activity 3 students use a natural acid/base indicator during a titration. This activity utilizes pH probes and excel to generate a titration curve. The activities create an opportunity to link inorganic chemistry concepts with examples from the biological world. This may help with student interest.  


Project Materials:

Materials are provided within the activity links.  


Resources and References:

References are linked.  



- Preactivity.doc
- anthocyanin.ppt
- leafchromatography.doc
- pHscale.doc
- Titrationactivity1.doc
- References2.doc