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What does that phylogeny really mean?
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Beverly Brown
Nazareth College of Rochester


Possible Audiences:

Undergraduate courses, non-majors biology courses, high school biology classes  


Brief Overview:

Using Biology Workbench, and other on-line tools, students compare phylogenetic trees from morphological data they have collected, with phylogenies using GenBank DNA sequences.  


Project Materials:

Access to computers and the internet All the plant specimens that would you would normally use in your class.  


Resources and References:

Microbes Count!  


Future Directions:

This project is derived from a systematics exercise in Microbes County! Your suggestions for extensions?  



- Lab 8 Lamberton Conservatory Visit.doc
- Lab 10-13 phylogeny handout1.doc
- Lab 9 Intro to systematicst1.doc
- Sample matrix.txt
- phylogeny final lab instr3.doc