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Chamberlin Hall, Beloit College

The BioQUEST Summer Workshop is an intensive, 9-day, residential conference that fosters a truly collaborative environment.  The workshop's structure, which we have developed over the past decade, helps participants develop and implement cutting-edge classroom resources to be shared with the broader educational community.

    Explore systems biology at the molecular, cellular, physiological, organismal, and ecological levels.

 Create learning opportunities for:

  • visualization
  • simulation
  • collaboration
  • modeling
  • data mining
  • communication

   Connect more deeply with learners.

   Bridge social, intellectual, national barriers.

   Foster cross-disciplinary linkages.


Featured Speakers

James B. Bassingthwaighte, M.D., Ph.D.

Keynote Speech: "The Eternal Cell"
A professor in the Bioengineering Department at the University of Washington, Dr. Bassingthwaighte is the originator of the "Human Physiome Project, a large-scale international program for developing data-basing and biological systems modeling for understanding genomic and pharmaceutic effects on human physiology. Other work includes the Cardiome Project, which deals with defining a functional heart in mathematical terms."

Kam D.
Dahlquist, Ph.D.

Dr. Dahlquist is a professor in Vassar College's Biology Department. She will present on the GenMAPP software, a tool for viewing and analyzing microarray data in terms of up- and down-regulation of biochemical pathways. She led development of GenMAPP when she was a postdoctoral fellow at the Gladstone Institute of Cardiovascular Disease in San Francisco.
Ovcharenko, Ph.D.

Dr. Ovcharenko, a Bioinformatics Scientist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, specializes in comparative genomics. He is the developer of three major software packages for post-genomic bioinformatics: CRÈME, zPicture, and eShadow. He will give a general overview of comparative genomics, demonstrate tools for genome data mining, and help participants develop strategies for characterizing noncoding elements of vertebrate genomes.
NCBI Workshop The National Center for Biotechnology Information of the U.S. National Library of Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland will be offering a workshop on new tools that they have available for public use in computational molecular biology and bioinformatics.


 Workshop Leaders

BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium staff will lead workshops in network analysis across biological levels (from molecular to ecological), systems ecology simulations (odum tradition across scales), and fragmented ecosystem analysis from a biocomplexity perspective.

    John Greenler
    Robin Greenler
    Tia Johnson
    John R. Jungck
Ethel Stanley

    Tony Weisstein

Beloit College, Wisconsin
Department of Biology

     Sam Donovan
University of Pittsburgh
Department of Instruction and Learning
    Stacey Kiser Lane Community College, Oregon
Biology Department
    Rama Viswanathan
Beloit College, Wisconsin
Departments of Chemistry and
Math & Computer Science



Tuition, course materials, private campus rooms, and all meals will be provided. Participants are responsible for their own transportation costs. This workshop is funded through grants from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the National Science Foundation.

Beloit College

For more information please
contact Deborah Sapp-Lynch
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