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New NSF Report on “Cyberlearning”

Posted by on Oct 09 2008 | Tools and Resources

The NSF recently released a report titled, “Fostering Learning in the Networked World: The Cyberlearning Opportunity and Challenge”. It is very broad and frames an agenda for STEM education with sections like:

  • Strategies for building a cyberlearning infrastructure
  • Opportunities for action
  • Recommendations: NSDL and ITEST programs

They define cyberlearning as, “learning that is mediated by networked computing and communications technologies. ”

I think there are some real parallels with the kinds of teaching and learning we are trying to foster with the SCOPE project. More on that later.

You can view/download the NSF report here:

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Meeting Location

Posted by on Oct 08 2008 | Workshop Info

The meeting will take place in Rm 102 of Emerson Hall on the Emory University campus.

This is a link to a customized Google map showing Emerson Hall, parking and construction in the area. [map]

The travel page of this workshop also has some maps of campus and local lodging. [travel page]

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Projects from SCOPE 2008 at the San Diego Supercomputing Center

Posted by on Oct 06 2008 | Projects 2008

Here are links to participant projects from the first SCOPE Workshop. As you will see some of them are more fully developed than others but several of them have continued to develop over time.

  1. Evaluating Collaboratory Processes
  2. Big bottoms and skinny back ends: Providing resources to support online collaboration
  3. Molecular Forensics: Adapting a case for two differnt course levels
  4. SNPing Lactose
  5. Bird flu resources
  6. Pollen
  7. RAGIN’ Leptin: A problem space on factors involved in energy homeostasis
  8. Only Dopes Smoke Rope

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What is the SCOPE Project?

Posted by on Oct 06 2008 | Workshop Info

The SCOPE Project is a chance for faculty to explore ways that E-science data and tools, Open Education Resources and Web 2.0 technologies can be used to in undergraduate biology education. You can read a brief project description on the NSF web site.

SCOPE stands for Science Collaboratory: Open Participatory Learning Infrastructure for Education. The idea of an Open Participatory Learning Infrastructure was adapted from a report titled, “A Review of the Open Educational Resources (OER) Movement: Achievements, Challenges, and New Opportunities” which you can read here [1.8MB PDF].

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Please join us in Atlanta for a SCOPE Project workshop

Posted by on Oct 06 2008 | Workshop Info

The second SCOPE Project workshop will be held at the Emory College Center for Science Education from January 7-9, 2009. Applications should be submitted by Monday, November 3rd. Follow this link for more information about applying.

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