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General EMBL/EBI Resources
Module I: Plasmodium Problem Space Resources
Module II: Functional Genomics
Module III: Protein Structure & Visualization
Module IV: Ensembl Resources at EBI
Module V: Proteomic Resource at EBI
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General EMBL/EBI Resources:

Plasmodium Problem Space Resources:

Plasmodium Problem Space:

Liu et al (2010) paper that the Plasmodium Problem Space is built from

Robust Phylogenetic Analysis for the Non-specialist:
     Some instructions are available here.

Visualizing malaria: Context for exploring the Plasmodium data


1. Go to Malaria Cases
2. Malaria Deaths

  Gapminder (prebuilt graph):

1. Run simulation
2. Link Cameroon and run again

   Gapminder (Full Tool):

1. Select Gapminder World
– Change Y-axis indicator: Malaria cases/100,000
– Run simulation
2. Link Cameroon
– Run simulation in steps: 1990-1994, 1994-1996, 1996-2005, 1995-1996
– Interpret
3. Explore other countries, other indicators
– Share what you’ve learned

Resources for Functional Genomics:

Plasmodium Problem Space:

Resources for Functional Genomics

Resources for Protein Structure

Ensembl Resources

Proteomics Resources

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