CLOCK and BMAL1 are  transcriptional factors of the circadian genes in mammals. These proteins form a dimer and bind to E-box,  a DNA sequence which usually lies upstream of a gene in a promoter region. E-BOX activation  turn on hundreds of effector genes whose products control a wide variety of metabolic functions (e.g., cellular respiration,glycolisys,  lipid metabolism, etc)

Circadian molecular pathway

The structure of the CLOCK -BMAL1 dimer (PDB entry 4h10 ) which was published by Wang, Z., Wu, Y., Li, L., and Su, X.D., in 2012 in a paper entitled “Intermolecular recognition revealed by the complex structure of human CLOCK-BMAL1 basic helix-loop-helix domains with E-box DNA.” (abstract).

Sturcture of Clock-Bmal complex with E-box


Unfortunately, there is no protein structure for this complex.

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