We got this structure by typing in ‘Lamellipodin’ into PDBe.  This molecule is an adaptor protein that localizes to the membrane in neurons undergoing guidance, in response to the activation of a guidance cue receptor on the cell surface.  Activation of the receptor activates rac, and also triggers phosphorylation of lipids in the membrane.  The ras association (RA) and pleckstrin homology (PH) domains of lamellipodin then associate with activated rac and PIP2, so that the molecule is associated with the membrane.  Lamellipodin also binds and localizesLpd_Structure members of the Ena/VASP family of proteins that are involved with actin polymerization.  Thus, the axon extends its growth cone in the direction of the guidance cue.

Only the RAPH domain of Lamellipodin has been crystallized, so only that piece of the protein is shown.

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