This is a structure of human insulin-like growth factor 2 (just domains 11-13) bound to IGF2.  These proteins are important for embryonic growth and development, and IGF2R (a mannose-6-phosphate receptor) is thought to sequester IGF2 and target it for degradation. We found the proteins by searching “IGF2R” into PDBe.  The PDB ID is 2v5p.  The image shows the proteins in Astex Viewer (cartoon), colored by chain: green = chain A; yellow = chain B; orange = chain C; blue = chain D.  Chains A and B represent different forms of IGF2R, whereas chains C and D represent different forms of IGF2.  In addition, the image displays some heterogenic compounds (in red and green) such as  BETA-D-MANNOSE and N-ACETYL-D-GLUCOSAMINE.

Dawn Reding, Jenn Bosco, Karen Thickman

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