Pecha Kucha (20X20) presentation style

Originated in Japan – designed as venue for architects and designers to exchange ideas.
Now a world-wide phenomenon. See web site for local Pecha Kucha nights (similar to open
mic nights).

  •   20 slides
  • 20 seconds per slide
  • 6 min. 40 seconds total
  • Automatically advanced
  • Little text on slides (no bullet points)
  • Presenter uses few or no notes

Why is Pecha Kucha good idea?

  •  No bullet points on the slides. Presenter cannot just stand and read bullet points to present.
  • Little or no text. Images, particularly complex images take several seconds for viewers to
  • process completely. Text distracts from this processing.
  • Designed to inspire. You should feel a keen interest in the subject in order to inspire others.
  • Most importantly … Because of the design, you must have real ownership of the material in order to present in this way.

(Note: These are intended for presenters at Pecha Kucha nights, but most are applicable to
classroom presentations)
Guide to Better Pecha Kucha Presentations
Pecha Kucha Tips

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