day 1 reflexions

Data literacy

I did not know about the databases presented. I already called a colleague and told him about how wonderful is this information for our courses and we are going to meet to share the information and talk about how to use with our students.  This could be linked to many biology contents, I bet students will loved to use this resources as much as I like them.

Gap minder

Really impressed about the discussion that really makes you think from a global perspective, most of the students still have local perspective and can not see the importance of the global issues.  This is a simple way to help incorporate themselves in the global community.


A great tool to use in the classroom and help the students incorporate the biochemistry to other biology courses. Right away I am thinking in ways to use it.  The price for one license is not bad, this is always a concern.

Group discussions were really useful for breaking the ice.  These short discussions really help in understanding the resources as well as knowing each other. This makes the transition to the work group project easier.


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