Comparing two structures of Src Tyrosine Kinase: 2src and 3src

The goal is to visualize and compare the two structures of Src Tyrosine Kinase, 2src and 3src downloaded from PDB using PyMOL. We use the built-in function align to get some quantitative measures for the difference of two structures. The output is as follows:

Match: assigning 720 x 966 pairwise scores.
MatchAlign: aligning residues (720 vs 966)…
ExecutiveAlign: 549 atoms aligned.
Executive: RMS =   24.704 (549 to 549 atoms)

In addition, the alignment of the two structures are plotted in the Figure. Unfortunately, we are not able to interpret the biological meaning because we are not familiar with this field, (which is why we need collaborations.)

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