Comparing life expectancy & income between North & South Korea

We compared Life expectancy (years) vs. Income per person for North Korea and South Korea.  The countries started comparably, North Korea a little better, for both countries.  There was a big drop in Income/person after WWII.  In 1975 the 2 countries start splitting as SK makes a commitment to industrialization (e.g. POSCO).  Life expectancy for NK goes up, but not the income.  Both life expectancy and income rise for SK.  In the early 1990s in NK, there was a big drought and resulting famine; the life expectancy and income start dropping dramatically for NK, while SK’s life expectancy and income/person keep rising.  In 2009, we have the following data:

2009 Life Expectancy (years) Income per person (GCP/person)
North Korea 68 1,635
South Korea 80 23,870

The life expectancy of NK is 85% that of SK and the Income/person in NK is 6.8% that of SK.  A trace of the graphs is at the following link:

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