Alicia-Day 1

I enjoyed working with Gapminder and the wildlife finder websites. I would be likely to use them in an intro biology course in section on ‘The Process of Science’ but might have a hard time finding a place for those particular topics otherwise. Gapminder seems to be more appropriate to a course in the social sciences, and wildlife finder perhaps for a course in ecology and/or evolution. Also, both websites seemed to require at least some background in order to get started asking questions. So, students might need some examples or a few questions to get them started.

I really like Pymol and the introduction to the protein database. I think I might use them in conjunction with a quantitative analysis (e.g. of gene expression profiles in disease) and have students look for more information about proteins that are implicated in disease. I note, however, that PDB has a very limited taxonomic coverage. Seems like there is still a lot of work for x-ray crystallographers.

I also think there would be some benefit in discussion about where to put this kind of exercise in a course and how to build associated assessments so that students do not see these as add-ons. I would probably rather have had discussions about that than to learn about biocomputing at ORNL, though I enjoyed that presentation.


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