Gender Ratios

We explored data involving the ratio of men to women in various countries.   A link to our graph is here (  Our most surprising find is that there are a number countries where the number of men vastly outnumber the number of women (all ages) with ratios of around 2:1 (or higher).  All of these countries are (also surprisingly, at least to us) rich countries in the Middle East.  (In poor Middle-Eastern countries the ratio is closer to 1:1.)  The ratio in China, which you might expect to be high, is only 1.08 to 1.  As an overlay we added information on literacy and found that all of the countries with a highly skewed ratio had high literacy rates.

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  1. ycao says:

    China has a very large population and females usually have longer life. I think that’s why the ratio got balanced. If you take a look at the ratio at kids, that ratio is greater than 1.2:1.

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