Agriculture and Military Expenditures

We looked at the % GDP made up from agrcitulure as compared to military expenditures from 1988 to 2008.  Specifically we tracked Kuwait and Liberia.  As we expected, the military expenditures of Kuwait jumped dramatically from 1990-1992, while agricultural production stayed relatively stable.  We were surprised to see that Liberia’s track was much more erratic with Ag % of GDP spiking significantly from 1989-1996.  We wanted to know why this occured, so we looked up Liberia’s history during this time and found that the country underwent a violent civil war during these years.

Our next step would be to investigate other countries by region during this time period to see the impact of Liberia’s civil war on their economy.  We would repeat this process for countries in the southwest Asia region to see the impact of Desert Storm.

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