Andrew, Willy, Kelly



Does the geographical location of the sample site have any influence on the sequences found in the sample?


First Analysis: Ocean vs Inland

We ran samples from regions ND and MM and found no significant difference in sequences whether they were collected from samples by the coast or further inland.

result tree


Second Analysis: Ocean vs Inland

We also ran samples from regions ND and CP and again there was no significant difference in the sequences.

result tree


Third Analysis: Inland vs Inland

We compared two different inland regions DD and KG and found more of a correlation between sequences from one region being on one branch of the tree.

result tree


With each analysis each region had the same species compared to each other.


Additional Resources:

We would have needed more information on the geography of the habitats like latitude and longitude, standing water in the region, differences in elevation, and the human activity in the area.

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