Question: How different are plasmodium cyt. b in Pan troglodyte schenfurthii from the Okapi Wildlife Reserve?

Figure 1, below, was generated from a random sampling of data sets from camps KA, ON, and BA.


We found that the plasmodium between sites KA, BA, and ON are surprisingly diverse. We must point out that the sites were chosen first from the Okapi Wildlife reserve and then we discovered that the samples were unique to the P.t. schweinfurthii species. Wow! In fact, when viewing the radial tree, we saw that BApts1373_SGA10.1_cytb was the most distantly related sample. To see if this held true, we took another random sampling from the same three sites (below)

Again,  BApts1373_SGA10.1_cytb was the most distantly related to the rest of the plasmodium! WHY? In the future, we could see if the mutation was more severe.

To further elucidate the cause of diversity among these plasmodium species, we could research the range P.t. schweinfurthii and what  kind of environment they live in.

Schweinfurthii in action!

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