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Introduction – Anna Vick

Hi,  I am Julianna Vick, but please call me Anna.  I’m a first-year graduation student in the BCMB department at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville.  I received my Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Delaware.  I am interested in completing lab rotations in plant biology labs, for example, Binder Lab and Bruce Lab.

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Thomas Lane (Introduction)


My name is Thomas Lane.  I have a degree in Genetics from Clemson University.  At Clemson I did research with weedy genomics (in herbicide resistance in Amaranthus).  I’m a SCALE-IT trainee in the GST program at University of Tennessee focusing in Bioinformatics.  My specific research interests are in comparative -omics and sequencing technologies.

I built my collaborative online information tracking system research area around the lab rotation I will be doing this fall and my general research interests.  I will be working on uORFs in plants (basic conservation study).



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Thomas Payne brief bio

Thomas Payne says “Greetings!” Currently I’m attending U. of TN BCMB doctoral program. At Central Michigan University I received a BS in Biochemistry and a MS in Chemistry with a concentration in Organic synthesis. My research involved the synthesis of  aromatic N-nitrosos compounds, their rates of release, and their effect on smooth muscle cell proliferation. Current research topics are undecided.

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Ann Wells

My name is Ann Wells.  I am a second year graduate student in Nutrition. I am studying the immune response during tumor metastasis in an obese model.  I am using mathematical modeling as well as biological techniques to investigate this topic.

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Stefan Nwandu-Vincent Introduction

B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Tennessee, beginning a PhD program in Biomechanics/BioRobotics. My research might focus on the motility of certain bacteria and how to mimic them in robot design for better drug delivery in the body.


Joanna Intro

My name is Joanna Cooper and I am a first year student in the BCMB program at UTK.  I have a BS in Biology from The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.  My previous research experiences have been in neurodegenerative and lysosomal storage disorders, particularly focusing on modulation of the lysosomal system as a potential therapy.  I have a strong interest in neurobiology, but am undecided on my research directions for grad school.  These resources are centered around my previous research.

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Sam Intro

This is my placeholder for my introduction