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Jennifer Introduction

My name is Jennifer Oden and I am in the BCMB department. I am undecidied on what I am going to research, but I did find the research in Dr. Roberts lab very interesting. He does research on Nodulin 25 which is a aquaglycerporin. Google Reader


Mauricio Introduction

I’m Mauricio Valverde and i am part of the Chemical and Biomolecular engineering department at UT-Knoxville.  My research interest revolves around Cell migration, drug delivery, and protein engineering.  I have created a online information tracking system using Mendeley, Diigo, and Google Reader.


Raphael Intro

My name is Raphael Leon Richardson. I am commonly called Leon. I am in the Comparative & Experimental  Medicine program. I have been in Knoxville attending UT as a master’s student and then transferred into the doctorate program. My personal research interest include both cancer and immunological research. I have performed colorectal cancer research in the laboratory of Dr. Baek. I will begin working in the laboratory of Dr, Rouse who specializes in herpetic stromal keratitis. I believe both laboratories will greatly help me further my career as a researcher by expanding my knowledge base and laboratory techniques.

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Sean: Intro

I am a PhD student in the Food Science and Technology Department. I am originally from Fayetteville, AR, where I got my undergraduate and master’s degrees at the University of Arkansas. My undergraduate degree is in Biochemistry and my master’s degree is in Food Microbiology and Safety. I am interested in foodborne illness outbreaks and food safety issues. I am currently doing research on campylobacter. We are looking at genome for clues as to its pathogenesis.

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Rachel’s Intro


My name is Rachel Fovargue, and I’m a new PhD candidate in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department at UTK.

I attended the College of William and Mary as an undergraduate student and received a BS in Biology and Chemistry there in 2009. Since then I have interned with NMFS-NOAA, a wildlife rehab center on Vancouver Island, and the National Training Center for USFWS. Most recently I worked as an educator on a sailing vessel in San Francisco.

My undergraduate thesis looked at combining metapopulation dynamics with Habitat Equivalency Analysis.

I’m interested in combining economics with habitat preservation techniques in my graduate research.

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Ben Goodrich – Introduction


Caroline Intro


I am a new student in University of Tennessee’s Genome Science and Technology Department and the SCALE-IT Fellowship. I have done several bioenergy based research projects and am interested in bioinformatics.

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kate Rosendall

I built my “collaborative online information tracking system” around several ideas and interests, but my main interest was that of one of my undergraduate research topics: Hellbenders.

or you can check out my really cool google reader account about plant cell biology.


Pawel Introduction

I’m in the BCMB department and I did my undergraduate research in a mycology lab.


Steven – Introduction

My Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are in Biology, therefore my strengths are in this diverse field. I switched fields to microbiology because of my disinterest in researching on animals for physiological research. I can feel more at ease studying the physiology of microorganisms instead (feel free to respond for a more philosophical discussion on this topic if interested). Currently, I am working with other SCALE-IT students at the University of Tennessee to develop and implement interdisciplinary research ideas uniting computational science and microbiology.

Here are some collected weblinks to the online workshop skills we have developed today: