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Mathematical Modeling

The mathematical modeling portion of the workshop made it clear how long it was since I last took real math. That being said, I definitely found Gapminder to be a very cool website and potentially a great way to model data in the future. Numb3r5 count was interesting as well. Although I don’t know how often I will use it, having various groups of data to test a model could come in handy. Overall, the second half of the day felt like a nice chance to get myself re-acquainted with math and all the wonderful things math can do.

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Bioquest Day 1

Gapminder (located here) is pretty cool. There is a very nice interface associated with the live graphing.  One can change the axis, whether or not they are linear or logarithmic, and can even map the progression of data over the course of years (provided the data is available).  One can also download the data for their own analysis.


Kate Rosendall

I thought it was extremely interesting to see all of the data and be able to manipulate it to compare so many different aspects of health across the globe.