I found this picture of Campylobacter jejuni taken with a scanning electron microscope. Using ImageJ, I measured the length of the seven whole cells, excluding the flagella. I found that 3 of the smaller cells all had lengths around 2.7μm, while the average length of all the cells was 4.0μm. Obviously the very long cell, which was found to be approximately 8.6μm, is pulling up the average. The second largest cell was found to be 4.9μm, and the remaining two cells were just over 3μm. The average width of the cells was 0.5μm. Campylobacter cells normally vary in length from 1.5-5μm and are around 0.5μm in width, this indicates that the 8.6μm cell is unusually long, but not unusually wide. ImageJ seems to be a very useful tool for analyzing cell dimensions.