Using ImageJ Analysis, I was able to take a picture of a parking lot and determine how many cars would be able to safely park in this area.  Even though it can be easily determined due to the small amount of spaces, this was a good way for me to make sure I was accurately using the ImageJ software. I estimated that each car was roughly 5ft, meaning that each space was about 6 ft. Then, I measured the total length of each vertical line (which was separated by the yellow horizontal line). The total length of each vertical line measured 12.4ft meaning that 2 cars should be able to fit; one on each side of the yellow. I also measured the “space” each car should fit to be approximately 3.6ft. Taking the total length of the horizontal yellow line (25.4ft), I was able to determine that 7 cars should be able to park safely along the length of the yellow horizontal line. Therefore, a total of 14 cars should be able to park in the area of the picture (half spaces were not counted). I used the software to determine this but was also to visually see that 14 cars should be able to park in the spaces. This allows me to trust the software more which will make me more prone to using it.

This is the link to the picture that was analyzed. Measurements are also shown. Previous ImageJ projects are shown at the top. The image discussed in this post is at the bottom of the word document.