I used Image J to analyze a map of New Jersey, I live in Northern New Jersey so I often drive what seems to me as the entire length of New Jersey which averaging 70mph takes about 3 hours. As a result I assumed that NJ is most likely around 200 miles long. In addition I drive around Morristown a lot and that usually takes about twenty to thirty minutes averaging a speed of 50mph, so I assumed Morristown was about 30 miles long. Using the measuring tools we employed with the tree ring picture I was able to measure the actual length of NJ and Morristown and compare. NJ is 168.916 miles long according to Image J and Morristown is 30.708 miles long. Image J was useful here in allowing me to verify and it was nice to see that my internal deductive measurements were relatively accurate. In conclusion, ImageJ is a great tool for measuring, especially when a scale is unavailable. Based on this assignment I believe Image J is probably a useful tool that is likely used in Satellite imaging and in Satellite maps. In addition it is great for counting as we saw with the sheep especially since it has features that allow it to filter out stray pixels and other marks.

ImageJ pic analysis