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Sara K’s Post

I am a graduate student in the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Department at the University of Tennessee. Generally, I am interested in studying the impacts of invasive plant species on natural communities.  More specifically, I would like to explore the dynamics of plant communities that have multiple invasive plant species co-existing within them. During a […]

My First Publication! By Nicholas Lopes

      Biophotonic imaging: lighting the way for chem/bio detection   Cite-U-Like Tags: DCM Bioreporter My Cite-U-Like Username: Lopez1700

Get on with it!

Mi chiamo Jordan Utley, ma non parlo italiano. Boredom can be dangerous. Although most of the sources I have posted today are of a glycoproteomic nature, that relates to my undergraduate research work.  My current research interests are more along the lines of computational biology and bioinformatics.  At present, I am quite hungry and eager […]

Stephanie Rickett

I am from Colorado. Both my BS and MS are in mathematics. My undergraduate research was in math and evolutionary ecology at Colorado State University.  As a masters student I studied Graph Theory at East Tennessee State University. My current research area is in analytical chemistry. Specifically high dimensional modeling with wave functions.