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Chris Dewan

I am a first year Ph.D student in the microbiology department.  I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in molecular and cellular biology. My research interests are all over the place, I did a lot of work with bacterial pathogenesis during my undergrad, which is of great interest to me. However, […]

CiteULike Diigo and RS Feeds for Will

This is Will Jordan.  The following is a brief one-sentence summary of my research topic this summer.  I have been working with chemotactic protein expression in the rhizobacterium Azospirillum brasilense under various growth conditions using mRNA as evidence of protein presence.  The previous sentence was a one-sentence summary of my research this summer.  The sentence before […]

Lonnie Yu

I hail from Los Angeles, CA. I earned my B.S. in computer science and applied mathematics with a minor in physics. I’ve come to Knoxville to seek a Ph.D. in computer science. My research area is computational biology. I will be focusing on visualization and developing tools to analyze data sets for biologists. My advisor […]

Craig Conner

I have been researching the Corazonin gene in Drosophila melanogaster, which encodes the corazonin neuropeptide.  My project has included comparing the gene structure and expression patterns in related species, predominantly the Housefly, Musca domestica. For your reading pleasure, I am including some links to some literature where you can learn more about Corazonin and Corazonin-expressing neruons, and some related useful web sites as well […]


I’m about to start the EEB program, and am also involved in SCALE-IT.  That makes life pretty interesting, but there’s more! I’ve just come from Northwestern University, where I am actually still analyzing data / writing up my master’s thesis.  It’s an interesting project with the opposite issue of most master’s theses- loads and loads […]

Mark Bundy

My name is Mark Bundy and I am a first year PhD student in BCMB.  My fields of interest are genetics and stomata  development in Arabidopsis.

Nicholas Lineback

I am a PhD student in mathematics.  My research interests lie in mathematical biology, specifically  signal transduction.  I also have interest in graph theory and random matrix theory. Here are the resources I created

Terence Randall

I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Tennessee Knoxville in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department whose research interest is applications for solid state electronics.

Jonathan’s post

Just added my first post.  Woot.

Samantha Tracht

I’m a first year grad student in the Math Department. My research interests are in mathematical epidemiology. Specifically the spread of infectious diseases and mitigation & intervention strategies in the event of a novel virus. Diigo Link: CiteULike Link: Google Reader Link: