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Pharmacokinetics Models

Add a comment or two about your experience with the pharmacokinetics model.  Be sure to talk about which model you used, which drug you modeled, the half-lives you inputted into the models, and your overall impression of working with the model.

Yodio’s About ImageJ Analysis

This is where you should post a link to your Yodio in the comments.

GapMinder Results

Please add you gapminder example in the comments section. Describe what you found and share a link to the graph.

RSS Feeds

I recommended Google reader and listed a few interesting ways to build feeds. More info here – scroll down to the RSS section.] Share a comment or question about feeds below.

Online Research and Social Bookmarking

I’ve suggested Diigo [] as a full featured web research tool and online bookmarking resource. Share a tip or question in the comments. -sam

Online bibliography management

Cite-u-like [] Let’s use this post to share tips and tricks we learn while working with cite-u-like. You can add them in comments to this post. I’ve recommended cite-u-like as a resource to try but maybe you have others that you are more familiar with and would recommend. Put it in a comment.