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Concept Map

CMAP for cellphones

Cellphones are good, bad and everywhere.  Here are some of the ways they impact our lives.   Craig Conner

Concept Map

Social Networking concept map

Pharmacokinetics Models

Add a comment or two about your experience with the pharmacokinetics model.  Be sure to talk about which model you used, which drug you modeled, the half-lives you inputted into the models, and your overall impression of working with the model.

xkcd on mathematics

Just couldn’t resist. Here is the source for these great comics – [] Here is the purity of mathematics strip – [] And just because I think you will appreciate it – []

Yodio’s About ImageJ Analysis

This is where you should post a link to your Yodio in the comments.

GapMinder Results

Please add you gapminder example in the comments section. Describe what you found and share a link to the graph.

Test Post


Interesting workshop.