Pharmacokinetics Models

Add a comment or two about your experience with the pharmacokinetics model.  Be sure to talk about which model you used, which drug you modeled, the half-lives you inputted into the models, and your overall impression of working with the model.

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  1. Sara K says:

    I modeled the drug Retinase, used for people with bad eyes. I used the single source model and played with a wide range of possible half-lifes. I found, ultimately, that it didn’t matter the dosage but more the half-life for how long the drug persisted in the system. The coolest thing that I learned was the MS Excel can have very neat, user-friendly outputs.

  2. Christine Dumoulin says:

    I picked Vigamox, a conjunctivitis medicine administered via eye drops. This drug is dosed three times per day, and has a half-life of 13 hours. Because it is introduced directly to the eye, I used a single-compartment model. According to the output, the drug does not reach equilibrium before about 48 hours. Which is a pretty good reason to call in sick for those two days.

  3. Denise says:

    Denise Koessler:

    I modeled with a popular type of birth control, Yaz. I used the half life (30 hours) and absorption rate (1 – 2 hours) found on With the program, I noticed that there is a slight ‘buffer’ period since the half life of this medicine is 30 hours. That implies that the threshold window of the level of the drug found in the body can fluxuate slightly from the required 24 hour daily dosage. According to the Excel threshold levels, when taken at a 30 hour interval, the level of the drug in one’s body is very similar to the levels shown during a 24 hour dosage interval.

    Obviously, this is an observation from the use of this worksheet and not a scientific study.

  4. says:

    I looked at Boniva as well as played with a couple others. It was neat. I did not know Excel could do so much.

  5. says:

    I looked at medical eye drops, but I couldn’t find half-life data to input into the spreadsheet. The template is very interesting though.

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