Indoor Gardening Project

Using some of our new research know-how, we organized an online resource for beginners to learn about growing plants under indoor conditions.

First, we researched the topic online and collected some high quality internet resources using Diigo, and made the list publicly available. As we gathered information, the topics covered were added to an easy-to-read concept map. Working on the concept map allowed us to see what other topics we needed to cover, and our list of links grew alongside the concept map.

Indoor Garden Plants

Next, we put together a second concept map which helps beginners to understand some of the growth conditions of a few common plants, and allows them to see if they can be potted together.

Decision Map

Another concept map was created as a decision maker to help people decide what plants would be appropriate for their location.

Planting Decision Guide

Lastly, to help everyone keep up to date on the latest trends and happenings in the exciting world of indoor gardening, a public Google reader page was set up which continuously pulls new information using RSS feeds.


Nick, Craig, Austin

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