I’m about to start the EEB program, and am also involved in SCALE-IT.  That makes life pretty interesting, but there’s more!

I’ve just come from Northwestern University, where I am actually still analyzing data / writing up my master’s thesis.  It’s an interesting project with the opposite issue of most master’s theses- loads and loads of data, with a monstrous number of possibilities for graphs and presentation.  The main reason for this is that it’s a software model rather than an empirical study (although it’s parameterized off of 12 years of field work done by my advisor, using Echinacea angustifolia as a model species).

In any case, it involves the reproductive tradeoffs imposed by plant breeding system, and their implications for population persistence in reduced and fragmented habitats.

I’m working on getting my references up on CiteULike, including a paper describing the program that my model is based on:

And there are some additional links to the Echinacea project in my Diigo library:

Here’s the Echinacea field log again, in RSS this time, mixed in with the environment feed from

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