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Protein Luciferase: Lenora & Elizabeth


This particular enzyme is an oxidative enzyme that imparts bioluminescence to the firefly Photinus pyralis. In research, the enzyme is used to study anesthetic-protein interactions.


Structural basis for the inhibition of firefly luciferase by a general anesthetic.
Franks, N.P.,  Jenkins, A.,  Conti, E.,  Lieb, W.R.,  Brick, P. Biophys.J. v75 pp. 2205-11, 1998


Interpretation: Most of the enzyme is variable except for a small site we believe to be the oxidation site for luciferin.


Biological: Why is most of the protein  variable? What does this mean about the structure of the protein?

Technical:  How do we get the rotating space filled model into this blog.

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