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NCBI Activity: CYP12d1

Cytochrome P450s (CYPs) are found in all organisms and metabolize many xenobiotic chemicals organisms come into contact with everyday. CYP12d1 is found in Drosophila and is known to metabolize DDT. Insecticide resistant strains of Drosophila over-express CYP12d1 along with many other CYP genes.

August 5th, 2009 | Category: NCBI | Comments are closed

NCBI Activity: SIZ1

Person: Ayla

Topic: SIZ1 E3 SUMO Ligase

Introduction: The topic of my undergraduate research was overexpressing the E3 SUMO ligase, SIZ1 in turfgrass and rice to improve drought tolerance. The first article by Catala’s lab is the one that was majorly cited in my research project. Many procedures came from it. The article about flowering […]

NCBI Activity: ICAM-1 (Intercellular Adhesion Molecule)

Group: Ellen, Jerreme, Stephen

Introduction: ICAM-1 is a human gene that encodes for a protein, inter-cellular adhesion molecule-1. The ICAM-1 is an immunoglobulin protein expressed on endothelial and antigen presenting cells. The expression of ICAM on endothelial cells can be induced by inflammatory cytokines, which promotes firm adhesion of the leukocytes to the site of […]

NCBI Activity: Neanderthal DNA

Group: Sam and Ethel

Topic: Neanderthal DNA

Introduction: I’ve been interested in human evolution for a while now and I think it is amazing that they are able to pull DNA from Neanderthal remains. Some of the sequence has been used to estimate a divergence time between humans and neanderthals of about 700,000 years ago. […]

Can games contribute?

Who doesn’t like to play games … especially games in which you contribue to science! If you haven’t visited Foldit you have been missing something special. In addition to reminding us about the properties of proteins and their amino acids, we can begin to connect shape (structure) with function. Check out their blog to get […]


This first week of conference presentations and workshop “work time” are a great way to meet other UTK graduate students, professors, and projects. You will have an opportunity to engage in contemporary biological problem solving using online resources and tools that should prove helpful in graduate school.

Our goals for this week are to […]

What’s happening in every cell…

Inner Life of the Cell

The “Inner Life of a Cell” is an ~8 min movie put together using structures from PDB and tools from NewTek LightWave 3D and Adobe After Effects. Click here to view it and see how many proteins you can identify!