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NCBI Activity:

Group: Brittany and Randy

Topic: Cyclic AMP

Introduction: Cyclic AMP, a secondary messenger, is invovled in numerous biological processes. We are interested in the research involving brain function and the role cAMP plays. Research is being done on cAMP and its involvement in mood disorders associated in the brain.


Adenylyl cyclase-cyclicAMP signaling in mood disorders: Role of the crucial phosphorylating enzyme protein kinase A
Yogesh Dwivedi and Ghanshyam N Pandey
Neuropsychiatr Dis Treat 4(1), 161-176 (2008)

Background: Cyclic AMP is a secondary messenger involved in intracellular cascade events. No matter the mood state of a person, baseline levels of cAMP in cerebrospinal fluid under normal conditions does not fluctuate. However, patients that were diagnosed with various mood disorders showed differing levels in cAMP.

Search: We searched for full text articles on cAMP through the pubmed central.


The NCBI website has the option to search specifically for articles that have the full text available.


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