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NCBI Activity: ICAM-1 (Intercellular Adhesion Molecule)

Group: Ellen, Jerreme, Stephen

ICAM-1 is a human gene that encodes for a protein, inter-cellular adhesion molecule-1.  The ICAM-1 is an immunoglobulin protein expressed on endothelial and antigen presenting cells.  The expression of ICAM on endothelial cells can be induced by inflammatory cytokines, which promotes firm adhesion of the leukocytes to the site of inflammation.
LFA-1 is a beta-2 integrin located on several leukocytes which subsequently binds to ICAM-1 when the inflammatory cascade is activated.  This process mediates leukocytes immigrating to sites of inflammation in the blood stream along the vascular wall.

ICAM-1 expression determines malignant potential of cancer.
Christina L Roland et al.
Surgery 141 (6), 705-7 (Jun 2007)

Cell adhesion molecules: potential therapeutic & diagnostic implications.
Shaker A Mousa
Molecular biotechnology 38 (1), 33-40 (Jan 2008)

There are many references available about ICAM-1 and its functions specifically relating to cell signaling and cancer.  The link for an immunobiology textbook []   gives a large amount of information on ICAM-1 functions with an immune and inflammation response.

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