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carnivores teeth length VS. their skull length

Carnivorans include carnivores, omnivores, and even a few primarily herbivorous species, such as the Giant Panda. Important teeth for carnivorans are the large, slightly recurved canines, used to dispatch prey, and the carnassial complex, used to rend meat from bone and slice it into digestible pieces.

We compare the carnassial teeth of carnivores with […]

Whales in Tubs

Group: Dylan Storey, Ayla Norris, Letitia Olson

Project: We decided to compare the length of the whale to the length of their pectoral fin. Using google image search we accessed a large variety of whale images. We loaded these pictures into ImageJ and measured the length of the whale from the nose to the […]

Relative Weight of Dogs and Their Owners by Jennifer and Dmitriy

Hypothesis: The ratio of owner to dog body width remains relatively constant and should produce a bell curve indicating that owners and dogs share a relative size ratio. (ie if the owner over-eats, then they tend to allow their dog to over-eat.)

We found that […]

Proportion of land area occupied by different things


proportion of land occupied by various things

Oak Ridge

Our goal was to compare a larger city such as Knoxville with a smaller city such as Oak Ridge. We wanted to focus on large structures and objects that would help us to […]

Variation in Distance Between Buildings in Three Major Cities by Lenora and Keats

We measured 20 distances between buildings from arial views of New York City, Paris and Beijing found using Google Maps, and compared the average distance between buildings for each of these cities as well as the standard deviation of distances within a city. We hypothesized that Beijing would have the least distance between buildings while […]

Starry Night: Brittany and Randy

Hypothesis: In a night sky, two bright stars will be on average farther apart from each other compared to two dim stars.

To test our hypothesis, we opened an image of a stary night sky,, in ImageJ and measured the distances between stars in units of pixels. We imported our data into an excel […]

Wnt protein

By Xiaomin and Jianzhuang

Introduction: Wnt proteins form a family of highly conserved secreted signaling molecules

that regulate cell-to-cell interactions during embryogenesis. Wnt proteins bind to

receptors of the Frizzled and LRP families on the cell surface. Mutations in Wnt genes or

Wnt pathway components lead to specific developmental defects, while various human

diseases, including […]

Consurf Activity Cytochrome C

Goup: Ben Ernest, Joel Bucci, Letitia Olson

Intro: Cytochrome C oxidase is an enzyme in the electron transport chain that catalyzes electron transfer to reduce oxygen to water. This reaction produces protons, which are then used to power the ATP synthases

Reference: Axel Harrenga and Hartmut Michel. The Cytochrome c Oxidase from Paracoccus denitrificans Does […]

Protein Luciferase: Lenora & Elizabeth


This particular enzyme is an oxidative enzyme that imparts bioluminescence to the firefly Photinus pyralis. In research, the enzyme is used to study anesthetic-protein interactions.


Structural basis for the inhibition of firefly luciferase by a general anesthetic. Franks, N.P., Jenkins, A., Conti, E., Lieb, W.R., Brick, P. Biophys.J. v75 […]

Gyrase: Brittany and Randy

Intro: Gyrase is a protein involved in maintaining the negative supercoiled structure of DNA. It is a two subunit protein and its function in DNA is ATP dependent. Because of its function gyrase is involved in many DNA associated processes including replication, transcription and repair.

DNA Gyrase: Structure and Function Reece, R.J.; Maxwell, A Crit […]