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Randriamahefa, Penrod,  Smith Group


Smith, Randriamahefa, Penrod  Group

You don’t need a PhD to understand pH

Otieno, Patel, Schmidt Group

Malaria (Note: add mosquito physics)


Sovyanhadi, Osei, Hamilton, Davis  Group

The roles of cytokines in the development of autoimmune diabetes type 1

Penrod, Smith, Randriamahefa Group

Membrane Transport: Ion Channels

Vanterpool, Phillips Group


Gullo, Dobbins, Ranatunga Group

MDR Malaria

Otieno, Patel, Schmidt Group

Global Warming and Mosquito Borne Malaria in the US


Juliet Bailey-Penrod (Biology)

John Davis (Mathematics)

Kathy Dobbins (Mathematics)

David Grandison (Biology)

Safawo Gullo (Biology)

Lisa James (Mathematics)

Albert Osei (Mathematics/Physics)

Onesimus Otieno (Biology)

Darayas Patel (Physics)

Glenn Phillips (Chemistry)

Rufus Ranatunga (Chemistry)

Alexandrine Randriamahefa (Biology)

Londa Schmidt (Biology)

Yoedono Sovyanhadi (Biology)

Elaine Vanterpool (Biology)


Presenters were asked to discuss their work(s) using the following Venn diagram:

Venn diagram for modules & cases

Presentation #1: MRSA & Anniversary Fiasco!

Presentation #2:

Presentation #3:

Presentation #4:

Presentation #5:

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