In the age of Big Data, students can expect to work with data and develop quantitative reasoning.  They should develop familiarity with mathematical modeling by constructing their own, not just using using existing models to explore problems. Students must deal with new data literacy issues such as  explaining experimental results through statistical analysis or data mining online repositories.

Data Sets Description
Apple Seed Data Seed frequency in apple varieties
Black-Backed Gull Flock Images of a flock of black-backed gulls off the coast of Dunedin, New Zealand in February 2009. The original image is divided into nine contiguous quadrats.
Bumpus English Sparrow Data Data on multiple features of 136 freezing English sparrows of which 72 survived and 64 died.
Cailliet Rockfish Depth vs. Age Data Age and depth data for 45 species of rockfish in the genus Sebastes.
Carlson Yeast Data Data on growth of yeast as a function of time in hours.
CDC Obesity Data CDC 2007 state obesity data in Excel spreadsheet
Dove Seed Visit Data Mourning Dove feeder visits by seed type
Dragonfly Data Dragonfly data on more than 5800 specimens in the University of Connecticut Insect Collection by species and month of collection.
Fern Counts Fern counts
Fisher Iris Data Fisher (1936) explored 150 floral measurements in three species of blue flag irises in the Gaspe region of Quebec that were made by Anderson (1935).
Garfinkel Cardiac Data Cardiac data on multiple variables for a selected population of 220 men and 338 women participating in a drug treatment study of dobutamine for heart attack prevention.
Harbor Island Fish Toxicity Data Environmental monitoring data on toxin levels found in edible aquatic animal tissues near the Harbor Island superfund site in Oregon.
Peapod Data Counts of peas per pod for 415 Snow Pea peapods and 42 Sugar Snap peapods
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Rousseeuw & Leroy Body vs Brain Data The data shows body versus brain weights for 27 living and extinct animals.
Sikes Tiger Beetle Survey 735 tiger beetle specimens in the post-1980 University of Connecticut Insect Collection are sorted by species and month of collection.
Smith Mammal Body Mass Data Data compiled on body mass information for 5731 mammalian species.
Soybean Seed Size Data Seed counts for soybean cultivars for 6 years, Malheur Experiment Station, Oregon State University, Ontario, OR.
Sunflower Seed Variation Data Data on the quantitative variation in Helianthus annus (Sunflower) seed stripes.
West Nile Virus Sequence Data Sequence data for the West Nile Virus envelope glycoprotein.

World Population Density World population density 1950-2050