On Friday, I gave a presentation in the North East Probability Conference at Columbia University where a number of participants were graduate students and postdocs.  Among other things, I talked about a paper I wrote with my collaborators Kerr, Dean, and Bohannon (Nature 2006) that shows how experiments can inform models. The experiment showed that evolution happened in our E. coli and phage system and only after taking this into account did the model make the correct predictions.

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One Response to How experiments inform mathematical models

  1. Ethel Stanley says:

    Examples of using models in science are critical to learners valuing modeling. It would be nice to share these with the community.

    A paper I find useful is Modeling: A Primer – The crafty art of making, exploring, extending, transforming, tweaking, bending, disassembling, questioning, and breaking models by Wimsatt and Schank.

    See: http://www.bioquest.org/BQLibrary/library_details.php?product_id=171